Ready to Adopt?

The SouthPaw Adoption Process

In order to be approved, you must be 21 years of age, gainfully employed and a resident of North or South Carolina. We require and check two personal references, we contact your veterinarian to ensure your current (or past pet) is up to date on vaccines, spayed or neutered and on heartworm prevention.

Once you submit your application, the process flows like this:

- Your personal & vet references are checked

- A home visit is done to ensure the best possible fit for your family and most importantly, one of our boxers

- Once these steps are done, you're notified if your approved or rejected. If your application is rejected we'll tell you the reason

- Prospective adopters are selected for the dogs that best match your preferences 

- The foster contacts you to give you more information and gather more information from you 

- If it's determined your family and the particular dog seem to be a match, a meet and greet will be scheduled for your family (including your current dog) and the dog you're interested in and an adoption agreement is sent to you in advance in case the meet and greet results in an adoption

- If everyone falls in love and you adopt, you can sign the adoption agreement on your phone as well as pay the adoption fee and you take your new family member home

- We're always available to offer support and recommendations during your transition period