Available Male Dogs

hammy 4.jpg


2 years old

75 pounds

Adoption fee: $300

Hi everybody! It's Hammy again! Guess what...it's time! I'm ready to find my furever home! Let me tell you all about myself to see if you could be a good fit for me.

So...as if I need to tell you, I'm incredibly handsome. I get compliments ALL the time about my sweet face. So, if you like to be the star, you probably won't want me because I steal ALL the attention! I'm a pretty big boy at around 75 pounds. I have extra squishy jowls and humongous feet that make me extra adorable. Trust me, everyone swipes right for Hammy!

I loooooooooove toys! I empty my whole toy box almost daily because variety is the spice of life, right?? Stuffed animals are definitely my favorite. I like to hold them and fetch them and eventually chew on them I also like bones, treats, and soft cuddly beds. Puzzles are really fun too to keep me busy and get some extra treats! I'm pretty snuggly and will lay right on you if you let me, but I'm respectful if you want your personal space, just tell me so. Cuddle time is the best though because I love getting all the pets and scratches. I also love to give kisses, so get your Chapstick ready!

I love being outside, either playing fetch, walking, or just laying in the sunshine. I love to sunbathe and work on bronzing my perfect boxer buns! I'm pretty chill at home, but I love taking long walkies morning and night! I walk perfectly on a leash, except when I see other doggies. I'm working on my manners, and getting better every day, but will need new pawrents that continue with the training that my foster mom started. I'm not exactly aggressive, but I will stop like a statue and pull like a train towards other pups so I need some help learning manners on making new friends. Foster Mom and this big dude have been teaching me how to be more polite when I meet new pups. They both think I'm doing well; I just need more practice and guidance on how to be a gentle pup. Because of my extra big enthusiasm and manners in progress, I should not live with small doggies, and will need a slow intro to any bigger pups. Speaking of small, no small other animals. I have what's called a high prey drive and will go after squirrels, birds, chipmunks, frogs... you name it, I'm on it! Frogs are disgusting, but that doesn't stop me from trying to taste them every chance I get! The next one COULD taste like chocolate, so it's worth a shot, right? I'm very friendly with all the hoomans, but I'm big, a little clumsy and sometimes bouncy like Tigger so tiny hoomans might get knocked down when I play.

I do NOT like to be crated and will bust out if you put me in there. It's ok though because I can stay out on my own, and don't have any accidents or tear anything up that I'm not supposed to. Except that one time I made some minor modifications to mom's laptop charger. She shouldn't be working at home anyway, so I consider that a favor. You're welcome, lady!

I'm a very good eater and always finish my meals. I was so skinny when I got to foster mom's, but now....WooWeee, I look like a GQ model! Just make sure you have a drop cloth down if you make popcorn though....it makes me slobber like Niagra falls!

If you think we could be a good match, have your people call my people and we'll make some plans to meet up! I'll try to squeeze you in between snoozes and snacks.

Later Gators!